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Conformed to BS 5041-1, our fire hydrant valves are made from a high quality bronze gunmetal that provides great resistance to corrosion. The landing valves are commonly used with fire hydrants and riser systems to regulate the flow or direction of fire suppression agents and are suitable for both on-shore and off-shore applications.

PRV, Gunmetal pressure regulating hydrant valve is installed on wet high risers in buildings or off-shore plants for fire-fighting, safeguards the fireman and system by regulating inconsistent hose pressures in a fire situation. It is suitable for connection to a high pressure water supply of up to 20 bars (300 PSI) and provide a constant reduced outlet pressure to the range of 4-12 bar.

An Inlet breeching valve is installed at ground level to provide a connection to the water supply. The system is usually dry and charged by the fire brigade in an emergency. 

Gunmetal gate dry riser landing valve comes with female BSPT or flange inlet connections. This valve is generally intended to be installed in a building dry riser system.