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L3/L9B Bronze Safety Valve

  • L3 Series Pressure Relief Valves are our basic Spring Type Safety Valves.

    L9 Series  Pressure Relief Valves are special design type. The activities between valve disc are seperated from fluid. Valve disc can just be in touch with fluid when Safety Valve opens. Therefore, L9 series are more durable than common safety valves.

    L9 series Pressure Relief Valves allow technical staffs to maintain and repair by themselves if any dirt or debris are found in the safety valves.
    Size 1/2"-2"
    Material Valve Body: Bronze
    Valve Seat: Brass
    Disc: Brass
    Spring: Steel
    Stem: Brass
    Type Low Life Sealing Type Bronze Safety Pressure Relief Valve
    Pressure 0.3 - 10 kgf/cm2
    11 - 20 kgf/cm2 (By request)
    Fluid Steam, Air, Noncorrosive Gas