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  • Hose Coupling & Fitting

    Hose Coupling & Fitting

    SUNPOOL produce high quality Cam and Groove, Storz, KC, Universal coupling, Ground Joint, Guillemin, Bauer, Clamp, Ferrule, Sleeve and layflat hose accessories.
  • Fire Fighting Products

    Fire Fighting Products

    SUNPOOL makes Fire Hose Valve, Fog Nozzle, Sprinklers, FDC, Fire Hose Coupling with UL FM, Storz, BS336 Instantaneous, Machino, NAKAJIMA, Cap and Plug.
  • Valves


    SUNPOOL products Brass, 304, 316 Ball, Gate, Check, Safety, Butterfly Valve. High working pressure ball valve up to 10,000 WOG with API 607 Approval.