Safe & Strong! Sunpool Storz FDC, Adapter& Cap.

Best Selling Products! Take a look at Sunpool storz products.

Sunpool Storz FDC, adapter& caps are Made in Taiwan! 4”, 5” & 6” Storz Adapter male & female thread, Fire Department Connection, and Coupling are the best solution for large bore hoses.

Sunpool storz couplings are made with 6061 aluminum + T6 heat treatment. Forging process makes the coupling much stronger than investment casting or die casting. Hard coating provides high abrasion and corrosion resistant. Brass storz coupling & BC6/LG2 gunmetal storz adapters with flange are also available.

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Forged AL Storz
Brass Storz
Bronze Storz & Flange

If you are interested in brass or stainless steel storz, please also feel free to contact us.