New Year New Wishes! Sunpool Fire Hydrant Valves are FM approved!

New year is coming! What's your new year wishes?

Sunpool wishes to provide wide range of products to meet customer needs for many years. Now we are very glad to announced that our full range of hydrant valves are FM approved! Our hydrant valves are conformed to BS5041-1 and made in Taiwan. We do 100% leakage test before shipment to ensure your using safety.

We have hydrant valves with inlet 2.5"& 3"flange or male thread. Outlet are with BS336 female& or female thread. We also offer other UK standard products such as 2 Way/4Way Breeching, BS336 Coupling, Branch pipe Nozzle and others.

Contact our sales for more details and might have discounts. Thank you!

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