Sunpool Storz Fire Department Connections UL listed

We are glad to announce that our Storz Fire Department Connections are now with UL listed.

Our high quality Storz FDC are rated for a working pressure of 250 PSI. The forged 6061 with T6 heat treatment storz heads provide maximum strength unlike those weaker casting heads. With the Storz lock in stainless steel, it ensures the durability and smooth function when connecting the large bore hoses.

If you are worried about the dirt and debris when entering the system, our storz has an optional internal stainless steel screen which is UL approved featured to prevent blocking the inlet.

Available Models:
4" storz X 4" F BSPT
4" storz X 4" F NPT
4" storz X 30 degree elbow, 4" F NPT
5" storz X 5" F BSPT
5" storz X 4" F NPT
5" storz X 30 degree elbow, 4" F NPT

Please visit our website to learn more. Storz FDC UL Listed

We also offer non-UL storz in brass, bronze or stainless steel, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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