What is BSP Thread?

BSP thread, also known as British Standard Pipe thread, is a type of threaded connection used in plumbing and piping systems. It is widely used in Europe, Australia, and Asia and has become a global standard for many applications. BSP thread is available in two variations: parallel (BSPP) and tapered (BSPT).

The parallel variation (BSPP) features a straight thread and a sealing washer that creates a seal at the face of the male and female threads. The tapered variation (BSPT) features a tapered thread that creates a seal by compression.

BSP threads are commonly found in various applications, including plumbing, hydraulic systems, and gas and water installations. They are used to connect pipes, fittings, valves, and other components together to create a secure and reliable connection. When selecting BSP threads, it is important to consider factors such as thread size, thread type, and material compatibility to ensure proper installation and performance.

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